Sunny Bundel

Sunny Bundel

Senior Content Writer

A highly skilled full-stack developer with extensive proficiency in PHP, Python, JavaScript, and more.

  • Digital Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Full-Stack Development

Education: B.Tech in Computer Science from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer


  • Accomplished Full-Stack Developer with a fervor for technology, gaming, and WordPress.
  • B.Tech in Computer Science from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer, and champion of an inter-college hacking contest.
  • Work showcased in esteemed publications like Yahoo, Zee Business, Hindustan Times, MSN, Deccan Chronicles, and more.


Sunny Bundel is a versatile Full-Stack Developer with a broad knowledge base encompassing technology, gaming, and WordPress. His written work primarily serves tech enthusiasts who are eager to stay updated about the latest technological trends. Sunny’s unique style of imparting knowledge has cemented his position as a reliable figure in the tech sphere.

Alongside his writing, Sunny manages a consulting firm named Gronite, demonstrating his dedication to help others navigate the complex world of technology. His writing revolves around the idea of service - aiming to educate his readers through his deep understanding of tech.

When away from his professional duties, Sunny indulges in playing the piano and guitar, watching anime, keeping track of the latest shows on Netflix, and playing PUBG.


Sunny is a proud holder of a B.Tech degree in Computer Science from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer. His prowess was further acknowledged when he clinched the first position in an inter-college hacking challenge. His achievements highlight his profound grasp of technology and its practical implications.